Freedom 47 Breeder Program

To put it short, the Freedom 47 breeding program is a collective effort to crowd source the perfect phenotypes by collectively growing and breeding cannabis plants, together, as a community.  Seeds are germinated and grown to the pre-flower phase, just before the plant goes into flower, the grower sends us clones.  Once the sex is determined, the grower notifies us, and we act accordingly.  The males are used for pollen collection, and the females are used for seed production and breeding. 


Once a strain has been bred to a point we are all happy with, the strain gets named and certified, and all growers that helped develop the strain receive recognition on the packaging.  This is a chance for all of us to be a part of something big and collectively raise the standard of growing, and quality of cannabis in South Africa.


How do you start?


It’s simple, purchase a Freedom 47 pack from any participating store and get growing.


What do you get in the pack?


In the pack you will receive the following:


  • Free seeds (you can select your seeds)
  • Clone Transporter
  • Grow Logbook
  • Clipboard for taking notes
  • Taste profile and effects sheets (for documenting your experience)
  • Weekly Grow Log tracking sheets
  • 6 Pack of Eazy Plugz
  • Breeder ID


What do you do when you have received your package?


Upon receiving your pack, you will have to scan the QR code on your ID, enter your breeder number and activate your membership. Every seed has a unique ID number which you will find in the seed package.  You then need to register your seeds to your profile. This is purely for keeping track of who grew which strains, and so you can add comments and stats when the online platform is live.  Some seeds that have already been acquired by breeders will not have these ID numbers.




What are the clones transporters for?  Well, clones. Once the plant is ready to flower, we need you make and send some clones to us so that we have a constant supply of plants to work with.  The males we will use for collecting pollen, and the females will be used for seeds and breeding.  We will also pay for the courier to collect the clones from you.


What if you already have some genetics you have been working on?


If you have any seeds that you have bred and would like to add them to the library of seeds we are building, send them to us, we will get a certifier to grow them out and confirm the stability of the seeds and the genetics.


Do you have to buy a pack to get seeds?


No, not at all, if you already have everything, or if you just want some seeds, you can purchase them from one of our partner stores.  However if you want to take part in the actual breeding program, you are required to purchase a pack as you will need the items in it to track the growth and progress of your plants.  We are building a reputable library of genetics and we want to have all the data regarding lineage etc readily available for anyone to find. 


If you would like to find out any more information, please feel free to contact us.