Iron Lady Auto

Iron Lady Auto

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The Iron Lady is guaranteed to give you high yields and a high THC content.

Oh, Maggie, Maggie, Maggie… she doesn’t care where you sow her. Whether you’re rocking an out- or indoor setup, the lady will get XXL thick.

And surprisingly, the high effect is a dreamy and relaxed buzz. 

Cannabis Genetic Makeup 

The Iron Lady’s genetics is based on the famous Northern Lights strain. This powerhouse is resilient and easy to grow. With a heavy split of 95% Indica and 5% Sativa, this means her Indica dominance will leave you dreamy, relaxed, and will pacify your mind.

Growing Profile 

The Iron Lady is a workhorse: she grows fast with a massive yield. We’ve labelled her as “thick”, XXL. As with other Indicas, the Iron Lady is going to be a bushy little beast.

We’d recommend putting her inside, under a proper grow setup. But as we said, she’s more than willing to rough it outside.

Wherever you choose to place her, make sure to keep an eye on her because she’ll be a totally different plant in a second.

Then, the buds, oh the buds, are going to be resinous and juicy. If placed inside, expect it to give off a pungent sweet and spicy aroma that is bound to fill your grow room.

Finally, if you’re good to her, she may even reward you with some purple hues. 

Iron Lady Taste

After 8 weeks of flowering, it’s time to age and cure. Eventually, it’ll be time to put this Iron Lady into a device, joint, bong, or food, and enjoy the flavours. 

Enjoy the fruits of your labour. 

Talking about fruits! This lady is a fruity one with subtle hints of floral notes.  

If you’re ready to grow this amazing bud in your home, the Iron Lady comes with 3 seeds in a pack.