Laidback Lincoln Auto

Laidback Lincoln Auto

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We know that with Laidback Lincoln you’ll be able to emancipate yourself from “MEH” cannabis strains. 

Bred to gently make its way into the marijuana history books, this strain is going to be admired by any connoisseur grinding it up. 

Reefer Genetic Makeup 

The Laidback Lincoln is an Indica dominant strain with a 75%/25% split.

Bred from Bubblegum and Blueberry, these two Cannabis Cup award-winning strains ensure you’re honestly getting the best Abe around!

She also promises a very high THC content. 

Growing Profile 

Laidback Lincoln is an easy-to-grow plant and is at home outside or indoors. The horticulturists amongst us will appreciate the brilliant hues of the stigma and pistils.

Her buds are guaranteed to deliver loads of THC and is for those who really love their cannabis. We’d strongly suggest investing in a jewellers lope for this strain. 

Laidback Lincoln Zol’s Aromas And High 

The aromas of this strain are of flowery blueberries, as its lineage would suggest. This makes it a perfect strain to share and enjoy in a warm environment as the high THC content leaves you relaxed with a euphoric high. 

As we say, “Honest Abe – It’s a Stunner”. Or Toking Tylor… whatever!  

Packs contain 3 seeds.